The Season 1 Collection

ICWXP Episodes 102, 103 & 104

Now you can score yourself all of ICWXP's first season on DVD in one package at a big discount! This sleek three-disc DVD case ships with new original artwork, a new forward insert, two business cards and features over 45 minutes of bonus material.

DVD Exclusive Special Features (Included on Episode 104's disc):

  • Ask a Cinema Warrior
  • A Tour of the Studio
  • Behind the 'Bots
  • At the Left Hand of God - "An Anthem for Honor" (Music Video)
  • At the Left Hand of God - "The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short" (Music Video)
  • Nick Evans - "Napalm Sticks to Kids" (Musical Performance)
  • David Hasselhoff on Acid - "Gumdrop Princess Warrior" (Music Track)
  • Fan Pics
  • Audio Commentary with Rikk Wolf
Playlist: Season 1 Collection Samples