ICWXP Becomes “Agonywolf Media” on Social Media Feb. 2nd, 2018

January 25th, 2018

ICWXP Becomes "Agonywolf Media" on Social Media Feb. 2nd!


Starting Feb. 2nd, 2018 all Incognito Cinema Warriors XP social media sites will be rebranding as "Agonywolf Media", the production company behind the series, and the URLs will change. This includes PATREON.

This decision comes after ICWXP was passed on by Shout! Factory (click here for more info). However, we will still give ICWXP a proper sendoff and finish Season 2 with a full-length movie-riff via Episode 206. You've given us all an entire decade of amazing support and we'd be remiss not to finish the series. We sincerely hope this rebranding does not come across as us nosing out Incognito Cinema Warriors XP. We still love the show and love the characters, especially considering it's how almost all of you found Agonywolf Media. It's due to that support the characters will live on through our new YouTube channel, Robot Co-Op.

Our ultimate goal is to place the many projects we're working on, such as our new sci-fi series Grey Colored Glasses, under one umbrella. It's been admittedly strange sharing progress on our other series through the ICWXP social sites.

Twitch, however, is being rebranded under the Robot Co-Op brand, as we only intend to use Twitch for gaming content.

This change does not affect ICWXP.COM.

There's no need on your part to re-like, re-subscribe or re-follow. All you need to remember are these new URLS to find us.

Without further adue, here are the new URLS:


We hope to keep seeing all of you on the new Agonywolf Media internets!