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You and Patreon Could Make ICWXP Our Day Job

Guys? Real Talk?

We’ve being doing this whole movie-riffing-sci-fi-comedy-horror sitcom thing for a long time now. The better part of a decade. We never intended for the show to last for so long or for it to become such a massive part of our lives. Then you all came along and changed everything with your amazing support. You’re always demanding more and we deliver as often as possible.

Though, we can probably all agree it’s not as often as either of us would like. Not even close.

So what’s the hold up? Day jobs.

As much as we we’d like them to, snarky puppet shows do not pay the bills. It’s always a bummer to read through the dozens of e-mails asking why things take so long when every waking free moment we have is dedicated to the latest release. It’s also a bummer that we’ve been around for eight years and only have nine episodes out there in the universe.

We pull all-nighters on an almost nightly basis just to reach a few thousand people and even though we deeply appreciate all the love and Dr. Pepper knockoffs you sexy zompocalypse survivors send us, there just isn’t enough viewership (and thusly, not enough cash coming in to fuel the ICWXP war machine).

To be frank, we’ve kind of reached a point where the show needs to make money or the end of the line is in sight. As we get more and more gray hairs, it becomes exponentially harder to dedicate the necessary time to produce new content.

To be clear, no one’s looking to cruise around in jaguars on your dime but it would be nifty to spend even a little less time freaking out over making rent and more time snarkin’ over movies and games for you guys.

So, long story short – every dollar you feed into our Patreon account, means you get new ICWXP & IGWXP to watch more and more often.

Patreon is way more helpful than Kickstarter or a one time donation. With Patreon, you become an investor – a part of the team and you help turn an expensive hobby into our career.



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New Site Under Construction!

Please bare with us while we prepare to launch the new 2016 site!

It’s been far too long since the good ol’ official HQ got a pretty makeover and let’s be honest, it was starting to look very dated.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be constructing a new site ready to launch us into internet superstardom…

…we’re getting a new website, not getting over our delusions.


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