Episode 204 – The Haunted Mouth & The Power to Serve / Fahrenheit Cine-A-Sorrow

The Short - The Haunted Mouth

Caesar Romero IS that yuckie taste in your mouth! Made possible by a grant from the Colegate-Palmolive Company, this upsetting short hurls a cornucopia of tooth-rotting goodies at the screen as the Spirit of Plaque mercilessly taunts your poor oral hygiene.

The Other Short - The Power to Serve

The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. tries to convince you Cleveland is "the best location in the nation". How do they do this? By bombarding you with a tour de force outlining the fascinating services their power company provides. Cleveland... rocks...?

ICWXP - Fahrenheit Cine-A-Sorrow

Cylon uses the Spy-Bot to begin filming for his controversial documentary investigating the goings on at Cine-A-Sorrow Theater, much to the annoyance of the others.Birkin struggles to escape as a new menace hits the theater and only one man can save the day - Professor Zedekiah Logan!


  • Let's go to Transworld
  • Candy Counter 2.0
  • The Eye of Zed
  • Eyes for Topsy
  • Fun with Shorts - A Day of Thanksgiving
  • YouTube Promo
  • The End of Cine-A-Sorrow
  • Audio Commentary from Rikk Wolf
Playlist: ICWXP Episode 204 Samples