Episode 102 – Lady Frankenstein

The Film - Lady Frankenstein

Italy’s take on the classic Frankenstein tale is the smuttiest one to date! After the Doc’s phallic-headed monster bear hugs him to death, his foxy daughter Tonya decides to use his lab as a boyfriend factory! It’s a steamy love story for the handicapped, as Tonya seduces not only her father’s crippled lab assistant, but their mentally challenged stableboy! The star power consists of Joseph Cotton of Soylent Green fame.


Rick and the bots decide to do some much needed tidying up around run-down Cine-A-Sorrow Theater but a bum by the name of Darrell puts a serious cramp in their style. The guys let Darrell share their sanctuary from the Zom-Pocalypse but it isn't long before their house guest has royally trashed their humble adobe and some angry antics ensue. A roommate from Hell story everyone can relate to... unless you're a roommate from Hell, of course. Stop pitting out our t-shirts and do the dishes once in awhile!

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