Episode 101 – Bride of the Gorilla

The Film - Bride of the Gorilla

When an oversexed plantation foreman murders his boss (and husband to his girlfriend), a pruned gypsy summons "The Jungle's Curse" on the royal asshat. This turns him into the first ever "were-gorilla"... sort of. It's really not too clear.

Thrill as things are said! Sit in awe as papers are signed! Exotic excitement awaits as old ladies' rooms are searched! Somewhere in there, you might see a guy in a really lame gorilla costume if you look real hard, too.


The dead have risen and human flesh is what they crave! With the world flung into chaos, Special Forces units by the name CORPS (Command of Re-Animate Processing and Suppression) are deployed to all major cities.

In Kansas City, Missouri, one such squad is quickly devoured by the undead horde, forcing their leader, Commander Rick Wolf, to take refuge inside an abandoned movie theater.

Inside, Rick finds snarky robots Topsy and Cylon whose creator has abandoned them and the theater he once owned. Unfortunately, they're not the only old ghosts lurking in Cine-A-Sorrow Theater. Dr. Harrison Blackwood, demented old inventor, is alive and well and hiding out in the theater's sub-basement.

Dr. B strikes up a bargain with his old mechanical creations and Rick; if they agree to watch one of the theater's awful movies a day, he will keep the zombies at bay via security shutters so he can monitor their reactions to the movies (don't ask us why or how).

Rick and his new robot pals try to make the best of things and rightly trash the retro B-Movies with the only weapon they're left with - sarcasm.