Cast & Crew

Rikk Wolf
Exec. Producer / Writer / Director / Editor / Special FX / Actor / Puppeteer / DVD Authoring / Graphic Design / Metalhead

ICWXP is all Rikk's fault. What was supposed to be quick little project just for fun with some movie riffing buddies turned into a near-decade long expensive-ass hobby thanks to this guy.

A 10 year veteran of the local Kansas City metal scene, he gave up singing for bartenders and girlfriends to produce an obscure puppet show. Yep, you read that right. Get a real job, dude.

When he's not lost in the pre or post-production hell-vortex, he's onscreen playing guys who can actually manage to spell their names correctly, Commander Rick Wolf and/or Dr. Harrison Blackwood.

Nick Evans
Writer / Actor / Puppeteer / Bard

This obscenely talented human being took over voice duties for Topsy Bot 5000 after a rocky stint of casting changes and honestly saved the show! Thanks, Nick!

Voicing Topsy is only the tip of the snow cone, though. Nick has played so many different characters on the show, we've kind of lost track of them all. Zombie Spock, The Crimson Executioner, Darrell, Spencer, Bodean and Soapy, just to name a few. When we ask Nick to jump, he says, "How weird?"

Nick's got one hell of a set of pipes and fronts Kansas City blues-rock powerhouse Mr. Deadly. Be a dear and go give them a like on the ol' Book of Face.

Zach Legler
Actor / Punisher of Drums

The nicest guy you'll ever meet and he's been with the show since the painful beginning until the not-as painful present day.

Zach originally met Rikk when they were bandmates in folksy bluegrass reggae fusion band, Behold the Alliance.
(We're kidding, it was totally a death metal band.)

Rikk thought Zach had a really unique voice and asked him to audition for the part of Johnny Cylon. Cylon's totes adorbs face was the perfect match with Zach's sunny tone and he's one of the only characters to never endure a recasting.

Jason Chaffee
Actor / Puppeteer / Pro Flosser

What can we say about this lovable snark-factory? (We said snark, stop giggling!)

That he leads live-riffing events with Cheap Shots and is thus probably the best riffer in the entire group yet his character on the show has never graced the theater? Yeah, we could say that.

Even more interestingly, this guy used to actually run a movie theater! No zombies outside or chattery robots, though.

Jason voices aloof robot Flux Namtari and cookie-spewing drifter Kris Williams on the show. Why not do yourself a favor and watch this video of him rubbing bacon grease on himself? You're welcome.

Bethanie Woods
Camera Operation / Director / Writer / Special FX Makeup / Lvl. 80 Dragon Hunter

90% of the time, what you're seeing on the show was filmed by this adorable Iowa native. She's there for every flubbed line and puppet malfunction. The patience of a saint, this one.

That's right kids, broke independent puppet shows aren't the glitz and glamour they're made out to be. Sometimes they mean filming until 4am and watching the same scene performed dozens of times.

The show was desperately lacking a reliable and dedicated camera person back in 2011 and Bethanie is another one of those key players that stepped in and absolutely saved the show.

But wait, there's more! You can watch her whipping up the amazing makeup job on our Zombie Spock here and she's even made the occasional appearance as Lady Deadpool! Click here to watch!

Steven Wagner
Boom Operator / Grip / Puppeteer / Demolitions Expert

Steven and Rikk both came up together on the mean streets of Plattsburg, Missouri.

Well, more fields than streets. More Midwestern silent judginess than mean, too. They also didn't come up together. Rikk's about 10 years older than Steven, as he's the resident young buck. So yeah, nothing about that opening statement is true, really.

Sir Steven has been a critical and invaluable behind the scenes component to the show for the last several years. In many scenes you see, Steven may actually be the one operating one of the puppets for their respective voice actor to dub later. Let's not forget running sound and boom operating at most film shoots. He's also occasionally appeared onscreen and done game commentary!

Peige Turner
Script Supervisor / Grip / Puppeteer / Swimmer with Sharks

Peige is considered a heroine around these parts! Countless times her energetic and hell-yeah attitude has gotten us out of a tight spot. Need three extra grips at a shoot? Just call Peige. She's worth four.

In addition to having an awesomely ironic name, this woman has done some adventuring in her day! Living in the frozen wastes of Alaska, swimming with sharks, reigning over the Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger for a number of years, liberating a secret moon base from vampiric werewolf aliens, she's seen some shit, man!

We couldn't be happier or more grateful to have Peige aboard the current and best production team we've ever had! Thanks for all help, Peige!

Richard Pogue
Props / Puppets / Electrical / Set Design / Whippersnapper

Probably the show's most unsung hero. Well, that's coming to a stop right here and now.

Really, ICWXP wouldn't exist without this guy - he's Rikk's dad. Yep, our jokes may not always be family-friendly but ICWXP is something of a family operation.

When things get a little too much for us to handle in the prop department, Richard's decades of electrical and engineering experience always comes through. You can watch in gory detail the complicated wiring job he devised to power Cylon and the bang-up job done remodeling the set would've been a bang-down without him. Not sure what that means but it doesn't sound family-friendly.

Cory Hylton
Writer / Scholar / Facebook Funny Guy

Cory's proven himself to be one of the most prolific spinners of movie-snark the show's ever had onboard. We decided to assimilate him after about a hundred hysterical Facebook comments dropped on our page and it's been nothing but laughs ever since. 

Currently living life as a Floridian, we don't get to see much (or any) of Cory if you couldn't tell from the 'shopped bio pic (hey, we tried) but his riff submissions have been total life savers when starring down the barrel of long, tedious sections of bad movie where the rest of us are stumped.