At the Left Hand of God: The Apocalypse Tapestry

1.) Dramatis Personae
2.) An Anthem for Honor
3.) From Coffins Choirs Rise
4.) The Tower is Tall But the Fall is Short
5.) Autumn in Eden
6.) A River Made to Drown In
7.) Oath to a Ghost
8.) The Tears of Blackmail are Sweet
9.) Persona Non Exista
10.) Hearts Beat Stronger in the Hands of the Hollow

At the Left Hand of God: The Apocalypse Tapestry (Musical Album)

Oh, you've found this part of the store. Don't panic, we know it's weird.

Did you know the useless information that most of the cast of ICWXP are also musicians? That's right! Before Rikk Wolf hung up his microphone to permanently play with puppets, he fronted Kansas City based melodic metal act At the Left Hand of God (no, it's not a religious thing. The name was drawn from a hat).

Now you can own their first album! On the dated medium of compact disc, no less! Hey though, as old and/or hipstery as it makes you sound, there is something far more satisfying about holding physical media in your own two paws.

There's also an iTunes link for whipper snappers that prefer to take their music medicine digitally.

At the Left Hand of God - The Tower is Tall but the Fall is Short [Official Video]