Episode 205 – Safety: In Danger Out of Doors & Linda’s Film on Menstruation

The Short - Safety: In Danger Out of Doors

This kitschy exploration into child safety is just as awkward as its title. Hop on a whirlwind journey with "Safety Woman", just an ordinary crossing guard until aliens imbue her with a magic ring. No, not those aliens or that magic ring. Now it's her duty to teach accident prone youngsters to be less stupid. At least's she's not as lame as Aquaman.

The Other Short - Linda's Film on Menstruation

Starring Jonathan Banks of Breaking Bad fame in his first appearance, this uncomfortable short has it all - self-loathing male hippies, mustachioed creepers in dark sunglasses a little too versed in women's "cycles", upsetting cartoons and a conversation bomb to end all conversation bombs. The last short film of Season 2 won't be one you'll soon forget.

ICWXP - Bad Guys Wear Teal

The Order of Mortuus launches a necromancy-fueled takeover of Cine-A-Sorrow Theater and the Warriors soon find themselves twice prisoners in their own prison. Down and out, it's time to nut 'n' bolt up as our heroes plot to pit all their enemies against each other in one final battle royale for the theater. Man, things actually happen in this episode!


  • Flux @ Planet Comicon
  • O Robot Night (Musical Performance)
  • Mystery Science Storybook - The ICWXP Chapter
  • Captain Whiskers T-Shirt Promo
  • YouTube Channel Promo
  • Robot Does Amazing Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression
  • Audio Commentary with Rikk Wolf, Nick Evans & Jason Chaffee
  • More to Be Announced
Playlist: ICWXP Episode 205 Samples