Episode 203.5 – Resident Evil: Retribution / Zombie Poo-Pocalypse

Incognito Cinema Warriors XP | Ep. 203.5 - Resident Evil: Retribution

The Film - Resident Evil: Retribution

Rick & friends review Paul W.S. Anderson's latest brain-dead entry in the gamesploitation Resident Evil series, "Retribution". More fun than you can throw an axe at in 3D slow motion! Grab your headlamps and gear up for an ICWXP first - "Plot Hole Spelunking", as the guys explore just a few of the "just 'cause" plot points in the film.

ICWXP - Zombie-Poo-Pocalypse

Rick's finally got the new computer all to himself, but the 'bots are already on his case to use it themselves. Special guest Dookie-Poo makes an appearance and leaves everyone more than a little freaked out. Later, Cylon's head is aswirl with drafting a script for a bastardized "The Legend of Zelda" movie (that purposely excludes Link) to fund his own foray into filmmaking. Rick crashes after sixteen long hours and finds himself in a dream that raises some very upsetting questions about human/machine reproduction.