Episode 203 – The Great American Chocolate Factory / The Gear is Family

The Short - The Great American Chocolate Factory

A whimsical tale of a poor boy who wins the opportunity to tour the most eccentric and wonderful candy factory of all! ...sure would be nice. Instead, Rick & The 'Bots mock their way through a chocolate propaganda piece that explains how "chocolate is made to be eaten". Glad to finally have that sorted out. Sit back and enjoy the forced laughter of child actors and a riveting tour of Heresy, Pennsylvania that will leave you a devote fan of all things vanilla.

ICWXP - The Gear is Family

Rick's search for answers about the Zompocalypse and the current state of the world leads him to the Internet. However, Birkin and the 'bots make it difficult to concentrate with rants about Michael Bay's disrespectful reboot of the Ninja Turtles, the hypocrisy of SOPA & PIPA, and Facebook creeping.

Meanwhile, things continue to grow crowded at Cine-A-Sorrow Theater, as Flux repairs the brave little Spy-Bot that came to Rick's rescue.

DVD Exclusive Special Features (Not Included with Download Version):

  • ICWXP @ Naka-Kon
  • ICWXP Episode 203.5 Promo
  • Fun with Shorts! - How Do You Do?
  • Cartoon Lagoon Trailer
  • Birkin & Nelson at The Kansas City Zombie Walk for Hunger
  • Audio Commentary with Rikk Wolf & Nick Evans
  • Audio Commentary with Rikk Wolf
Playlist: ICWXP Episode 203 Samples

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