Episode 202 – Soapy the Germ Fighter / Where’s Your Big Bad Apocalypse Now? (Free Version)

Incognito Cinema Warriors XP | Ep. 202 - Soapy the Germ Fighter

The Short Film - Soapy the Germ Fighter

The short film everyone is talking about... but no one is giving away its secrets. Billy Martin is one of the "cleanest" and "happiest" boys in town. How he got that way is a dark, urban fairytale about a grown man in a soap costume visiting a young boy. On the other side of bubble baths, compulsive hand washing and a tangent about meat inspection, lies a terrifying horror story.

ICWXP - Where's Your Big Bad Apocalypse Now?

Unpleased with the prospect of yet another robotic roommate, Rick whips together an unlikely weapon and once again marches outside the theater to face the undead horde. What he discovers might bore you. Johnny & Topsy get Flux caught up on pop culture fails since his abandonment in the 80's.

(In August of 2015, Episode 202 sold out on DVD. Please enjoy it for free until we are able to re-stock.)