Episode 103 – Bloody Pit of Horror

The Short – The Talking Car

Preceeding the film is a bone-chilling short about a young boy who faces off with grumpy, demonic cars hell-bent on teaching him the rules of pedestrian safety (and giving him every complex in the book).

The Film – Bloody Pit of Horror

Mr. Universe of 1955, Mickey Hargitay (Lady Frankenstein) plays reclusive ex-actor Travis Anderson, who enjoys wearing effeminate bathrobes and brooding in his cozy castle. Along with his two live-in henchmen, he lives a life of complete and utter solitude! However, that all changes when a group of smarmy smut photographers and their fussy model girlfriends storm his lair, and it means one thing – wacky trouble!

Watch Travis’ noble crusade against the sinful pornographers, aided by the lovable spirit of skin-tight leotard-wearing murderer, The Crimson Executioner! Your jock area will be positively aching with sympathy pains!


There’s a new face around the theater! Well, a new head, actually.

Enjoy the fun as the guys meet “Zed the Head”. He’s not what you would expect from your average disembodied zombie head. He’s really quite polite and sophisticated… when he’s not trying to tear your flesh from your bones and swallow your soul. Zed quickly becomes the target of sophomoric pranks-o’-plenty at the hands of Rick & Co.

Incognito Cinema Warriors XP | Episode 3 - Bloody Pit of Horror Preview